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Qwerty Computer Repair is a computer repair shop in Bradenton, Florida. We offer walk-in and onsite services and have in-house repair techs that can handle everything from virus removal to

data migration to new computer setup and anything else computer related.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive computer services that exceed our customers' expectations. We prioritize expertise, efficiency and integrity in our work while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor towards all customers. Our goal is to help you get set up and running quickly by removing any technical obstacles that stand in your way.

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Complete PC Repair

We can handle any hardware or software issue that we come across. Your desktop or laptop will be in good hands, and we will fix it and get you up and running fast.

We will diagnose the issue and then tell you what it costs to repair – and our diagnostic fee is applied to most repairs, parts and other labor.

Virus Removal

Is your computer infected with a virus? Is it running really slow? Bring it to our shop, and we will get it fixed right away. A virus is a malicious program designed to disrupt the normal functioning of your computer, steal sensitive information or cause system failures. Many viruses are spread through emails, downloads from untrusted websites and infected external

storage devices such as USB flash drives. We will get your computer cleaned up and running perfectly again!

Procurement of Computer

Hardware & Peripherals

Purchasing a new computer can be exhausting, overwhelming and confusing but Qwerty Computer Repair is here to help. Let us know what you’re looking for and let us do the research and find you a great price. We have partnerships with most major brands such as Dell, HP,

Lexmark to name a few.

Data Migration

Got a new computer and need your data transferred? We help you move all your documents, downloads, desktop and even emails to the new computer.

Data migration means moving digital information. Transferring that information to a different location, file format, environment, storage system, database, or application is a complex process – but we’re here to help!

New Computer Setup

Get your new computer set up right and without the hassle! We perform system updates, remove unwanted programs, help you setup user accounts, test software and hardware functionality, optimize computer start-up, setup your user profiles, help with syncing a printer,

an external hard drive, a speaker or an additional monitor - you get a smooth-running new computer that is ready to be used!

Operating System Upgrades

Upgrading your operating system will improve your computer's performance, security and stability. Support for old operating systems eventually ends, and with an upgrade you also get increased reliability, new multi-tasking features, updated design and interface, better apps integration, better virtual desktop support and more!

Solid State Upgrades

Have you upgraded your computer with a solid state drive yet? Despite being available for a few years, many new computers still do not come equipped with this technology. SSDs offer impressive speed; averaging 14 times faster and up to 40 times faster for certain functions. If you have a computer that’s less than 6 years old and desire lightning-fast performance, bring it

in today for an upgrade.

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